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In the beginning....

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In the beginning.... Empty In the beginning....

Post by Eckert on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:35 pm

In the beginning was a Noghri, a bit different to his clan mates, more outgoing and friendly than most of his race. After working for some time in the shipyards of Mandalore, he made some some friends other than Mandalorians. One of these friends, a well known trader, offered him the chance to be at the start of a new, medical based, business venture, the Noghri accepted. After working hard to try building up the new business venture, finding staff and other tasks, the trader friend fell foul off the 'galactic authorities' and was never seen again. Feeling a little lost and lonely, the Noghri decided to strike out on his own, start his own trading business.

After a while, the loneliness got worse, it became a gaping chasm of loneliness that only time spent isolated in space can bring, then out of the ether, came a message, from a Kiffar who had previously turned down the Noghri's offer of employment with the medical business venture. The Kiffar had said a colleague of his had mentioned a good deed performed by the Noghri, and had heard only good things about him. The Noghri offered the Kiffar a partnership in his new enterprise, and the tall, quiet Kiffar accepted. Now rid of the loneliness, replaced with a new found sense of optimism, the Noghri, now preferring to be known as The Noghri Businessman, set about forging a reputation for himself. his new partner and their new business.

Although the Noghri Businessman, hadn't always got along well with his clan mates back on Honoghr, he never lost the piece of his heart that held his memories of home. In order to honour those memories, he decided to name his business after the most important part of his culture, the clan buildings called dukhas. That final piece concluded the early development of the the company to be known to the galaxy as Dukha Trading.

Now looking to become known for fair prices and good service The Noghri Businessman, the Kiffar and Dukha Trading, look only to their development, their future...


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In the beginning.... Empty Re: In the beginning....

Post by Eckert on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:36 pm

When the tall, stone face Kiffar left his home world of Kiffu, he wasn't sure what would happen. Or where he would end up.
But when a group of mercenaries offered him a job to work for the Hutt Cartel, he believed that it was a a step in the right direction. He started working for them, doing random deliveries & pick ups, it was great he had a ship to pilot & great pay.
But the clientele & the people who told him what to do were..not the best to work for.
They enjoyed taking the ears off of new recruits. It made Kain nervous, always watching his back.
Then the cartel planned something. They organized 10 recruits in to one building, with the promise of free stun cuffs. Well it was true there was free cuffs, but the cartel locked the doors & told all 10 recruits. That they would have to fight there way out, by killing each other. The last one who was standing would have a job with the cartel.
Luckily enough Kain was not in it. But was worried that he would be in the future. Plus it left him not trusting anyone. He knew he could handle himself, but just didn't like killing anymore.
So he asked for a transfer to there sister faction D'este realty, they paid even better. But worked him like a dog, building, building & more building. Plus would not let him take sometime off for a delivery to a customer. Kain loved trading & liked credits even more. But was not able to do this.

One day he was picking up material & heard an old timer talking about his past. He mentioned how they had needed medical supplies really bad, because a employee of there's was unconscious on a planet & how they were having trouble finding supplies for cheap. Then a Noghri Businessman sold them supplies for cheaper then they had expected & delivered, which helped save the new recruit. he mentioned that the name of the Noghri was Dan Hakim.
Kain knew this trader. When he had started with the Hutts, there was an offer for free keycards.
Kain jumped on the chance for free stuff, not that he was sure what keycards were, but whatever they were free.
The Noghri also helped him out by selling extremely useful & cheap items to him.

So he contacted him, hopeing that something could be organized. He mentioned a partnership, which made the Kiffar smile, it didn't happen very often.
The Noghri really knew what he was doing & had a plan for the future.
He had a code, offer good service & fair prices. It sounded like a good idea to Kain.

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