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The History of Dukha

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The History of Dukha Empty The History of Dukha

Post by Dan Hakim on Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:01 pm

In the beginning was a Noghri, a bit different to his clan mates, more outgoing and friendly than most of his race. After working for some time in the shipyards of Mandalore, he made some some friends other than Mandalorians. One of these friends, a well known trader, offered him the chance to be at the start of a new, medical based, business venture, the Noghri accepted. After working hard to try building up the new business venture, finding staff and other tasks, the trader friend fell foul off the 'galactic authorities' and was never seen again. Feeling a little lost and lonely, the Noghri decided to strike out on his own, start his own trading business.

After a while, the loneliness got worse, it became a gaping chasm of loneliness that only time spent in the isolation of space can bring, then out of the ether, came a message, from a Kiffar who had previously turned down the Noghri's offer of employment with the medical business venture. The Kiffar had said a colleague of his had mentioned a good deed performed by the Noghri, and had heard only good things about him. The Noghri offered the Kiffar a partnership in his new enterprise, and the tall, quiet Kiffar accepted. Now rid of the loneliness, replaced with a new found sense of optimism, the Noghri, now preferring to be known as The Noghri Businessman, set about forging a reputation for himself, his new partner and their new business.

Although the Noghri Businessman, hadn't always got along well with his clan mates back on Honoghr, he never lost the piece of his heart that held his memories of home. In order to honour those memories, he decided to name his business after the most important part of his culture, the clan buildings called dukhas. That final piece concluded the early development of the the company to be known to the galaxy as Dukha Trading.

That was a long time ago.

The business grew, at one point being the premier transport group in the galaxy, Dukha Trading had made its name and created its reputation for logistical excellence. All the while the credits flowed from the transport department they were reinvested to develop the company's infrastructure and production capabilities. A new headquarters, the city Dukhajaya, was established in the southern reaches of Tierell III, a planet in the Thesme sector.

Then came the dark days.

The Noghri businessman disappeared, absent for a long time, his whereabouts unknown, only the occasional message to enquire how the Kiffar was doing. For a time the business struggled, the managerial workload too much for one sentient. The team steadily depleting in numbers, the Kiffar ploughed on, carefully picking deals and expanding Dukha's real estate portfolio.

When the Noghri returned, he explained how his absence was caused by a bad decision after a few nights in a rough cantina, he followed a Gamorrean female who led him into a trap. He made friends on the unidentified planet, friends who helped to set him free and enable his return. Disappointed at the size of the team but pleasantly surprised at the the number of new cities, he set about getting back to business.

A chance discovery of a previously undiscovered planet, Axxila, led to Dukha claiming its greatest expanse of territory. It proved to be a very valuable discovery, working as a team, the partners established a number of new work sites including many new raw material deposits. The Kiffar took over managing the development of Axxila, while the Noghri went back to Tierell to work on getting new business from old contacts.

The Dukha Trading partnership, having taken stock of all the company's assets decided to relaunch itself, now a resource rich entity, the partners decided to establish a shipwright business, in an effort to retain its history yet mark the new direction of the business, the shipwright business was named
Dukha Industrial.
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim

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The History of Dukha Empty Re: The History of Dukha

Post by Dan Hakim on Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:54 am

The History of Dukha Faction_zps6fdd252d
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim

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The History of Dukha Empty Re: The History of Dukha

Post by Didrik Kohl on Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:52 am

Just got round to reading this, Very interesting! A good read.
Didrik Kohl
Didrik Kohl

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The History of Dukha Empty Re: The History of Dukha

Post by Sponsored content

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